I recently completed Lyndal’s ‘Breathmodes' course, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results I achieved. It is now embedded into my daily routine, and for that, I feel calmer, react differently to situations, and are in better general health. So if you are looking to do any Breathwork course, I would highly recommend that you have a chat with Lyndal, and I can honestly say if you are diligent and follow the course routinely for a short few minutes each day, you won't look back. Lyndal is a treasure; with a genuine heart and soul, you will be in Lyndal's caring hands from start to finish
- Sharlene Cohen
Batemans Bay NSW


I have been practising yoga for many years, on and off. I have not ever had a consistent practice, but have always enjoyed yoga classes. Lyndal has inspired me to begin my own home yoga practice, which is in line with my focus on my own self-care, mindfulness and meditation. The timing seemed perfect. After completing the ABC for Yoga workshop with Lyndal Ellis yoga, I picked up many cues for the different poses that she went through. Despite having used all of these postures before, I picked up something new for all of them. Today for the first time, I felt ready to practice yoga at home on my own. I created a playlist of music suggested my Lyndal (what an awesome bonus!) and confidently flowed with my breath. It felt amazing. Thank you Lyndal for helping me to realise that I can do this on my own


Perth, NSW

I’ve had chronic lower back pain since the end of 2018! When Lyndall announced, via Lyndall Ellis Yoga, that she was doing a breathmodes course, I was so happy! This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve been told by my doctors that meditation and breathwork is something I need to try and Lyndall’s course was my first experience. It was amazing! Everyday I still continue to use the different breath codes that Lyndall has given us and they are actually very very helpful! Thank you Lyndal. I am excited to continue this journey with your help.

- AD

Canberra, NSW

Lyndal's practice provides a beautifully rewarding experience. She is a thoughtful and considerate of each participants and their restrictions and experience. Her online classes are as good as her face to face. She manages the technical side professionally. Her focus on breath work is for everyone, clearly explained and easy to incorporate into your lives to help in the ups and downs. I haven't done much yoga in the last few years and I found her ABC workshop to be an informative and relaxing refresher. She is definitely worth following, her posts are a nice 'pick me up' and reminder for self care in your feed

Lizzy Locton,

Ballina, NSW