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21 days 

7 Breathmodes 

7 moods


Change your mode to change your mood. Take control of your Life.


Learn the fundamental practices of controlling your breath, to ultimately control your life.


A 21 day life-changing program to learn how to breathe your breath, improve your breath function during rest (to improve your breath and emotional regulation during stress), and alter your emotional state on demand.


Increase awareness

Decrease stress

Increase energy

Improve health

Included in the 21 day program:

Weekly Q + A call to discuss upcoming and previous 'Breathmodes' plus any questions that arise during your practice


7 Breathmode modules to activate a specific desired mood/state.

Each Breathmode module will be 3 days, and include:

a Breathmode tutorial video

2 x Breathmode audio practices - downloadable Breathmode meditations 

Breathmode intentionality and affirmations

Breathmode worksheets for self-reflection, workshopping and observation


The 7 ‘Breathmodes’:

  • Heart mode... activate Love, Connection and Gratitude (20-22 Jul)

    • Target: Hatred, sadness, judgement, resentment, irritability, separateness, lack

  • Calm mode... activate Calm and Focus (23-25 Jul)

    • Target: Anger, stress, annoyance, irritability, ‘scatteredness’

  • Power mode... Energise, Motivate and Personal Power (26-28 Jul)

    • Target: Lethargy, procrastination, low self-worth / self-belief / confidence / motivation

  • Serene (sleep) mode... counter anxiety and ‘busy-mindedness’ (29-31 Jul)

    • Target: Anxiety, panic, irritability, annoyance

  • Balance mode... activate Balanced and Grounded states (1-3 Aug)

    • Target: Ungrounded, disconnected, discombobulated, unbalanced, stressed, out of sorts

  • Detox mode... activate Digestive Reset and Energise (4-6 Aug)

    • Target: Lethargy, stagnant and blocked (physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally)

  • Bliss mode...  activate Clarity, Healing Release and Bliss (7-9 Aug)

    • Target: Lacking clarity and insight, blocked energy, pain release

Choose 1, 3 or the entire course.



Indiviudal Breathmode module = $44 AUD each

3 Breathmode modules = $120 AUD


Entire Breathmode program = $222 AUD 

Payment plan = $55.50 AUD x 4 weekly payments


*By registering for this program you acknowledge that this program is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. I do not diagnose medical or psychological conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, provide counseling, nor interfere with the treatment of licensed medical or psychological professionals. The practices within this program are offered as a tool for spiritual and personal growth and not as medical or psychotherapeutic advice. I make no claims to heal medical or psychological conditions; any healing subsequent to advanced breathwork practice is a result of self-healing.  Please seek out the support and guidance needed to support your healing journey. Breathwork can often bring up feelings of discomfort, emotional and physical release and awaken spiritual experiences.