A 30 Day Connection Quest




This is a 30 day connection quest of 'Becoming Her' where we will start each day with a morning connection ritual designed to:
 awaken ... to who you truly are through connecting inwardly each day, to feel, sense, listen and hear the intuitive messages from within.

 align... to the knowing of who you truly are. This knowing already resides within you... we need only strip away the layers.

 ascend... once you find and know you Self, you are free to confidently and comfortably Be your Self...

who you already are, unique and perfect.

So, who is Her and why do I need to change?

That's just it beautiful...you don't. Her is You... She already resides within you. Change nothing. Strip away the layers, the pretence, the


facades... feel who you are and own it... feel free to just be Her... be You.

We will spend 10-20 minutes each morning Connecting to our Souls, using my Breathe, Flow, Be methodology.

Each day will include:

A daily Intention... our focus... to give you permission to soften and surrender, to serve yourself first, to find your potency and your power... permission to be You.

Connecting to our Breath through different specific breath practices...

Feeling into our bodies and going with the Flow in a beautiful, feminine and intuitive way...

Feeling into our Being... listening, hearing, reflecting, acting...

Each day we will explore different ways we can connect within.

Some days will be a physical yoga 'Flow' practice, others will be more of a 'Be' practice... with guided meditations, journalling and reflection... each day will incorporate a 'Breathe' practice... bringing intentionality and awareness to our Breath (our prana / Qi / life force energy)

You will learn, through reflection, which practices suit you... but you will get to try them all over the whole 30 days.

By the end of the 30 days you will have rediscovered yourself (awakened), reconnected with your self (aligned) and felt the freedom to come into who you truly are (ascended).

Presale $33 (just over $1 a day!)

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