ABC of Yoga

This Series is for the Absolute Beginner to the Intermediate Yogi who wants to deepen their knowledge on Yoga, the poses (asana), the breath and basic yoga philosophy. 

We start from the grass roots and build up your knowledge week by week. On completion you will feel confident and ready to start your own home yoga practice or walk into any yoga studio and feel as though you belong... because you DO! 

What you will learn: 
✨Intro to Yoga and basics of Breath 
✨Intro to use of props and alternate props you can use at home 
✨ Weekly 1 - 1.5 hour online tutorial practice 
✨ At least 60 of the most common yoga poses with modifications for different levels of experience, flexibility and physical limitations 
✨Practice the linking of poses (creating Flow) 
✨Learn easy and common yoga sequences to use in your own home practice

Your weekly practice includes: 
✨Centring and warm up 
✨Connecting to your breath, the flow and your self 
✨Workshop of poses - approximately 10 new poses introduced each week with variations 
✨Some yoga philosophy to increase your knowledge on allll the small things you should know to completely feel confident and ready... like what is Namaste, why do people say 'Ommmm' (Yep, all the important stuff!)

✨Be part of a community of budding yogis who are all on the same journey in the Exclusive ABC of Yoga FB group. This gives you the opportunity to share your experience with each other and encourage each other on our journey.  
✨The FB group gives you a direct line of contact with me outside of the weekly tutorials if you need help with your practice or any poses
✨Bonus home practice videos linking all that you have learnt throughout the course (one every fortnight)
✨Pose booklet with names, photos and variations for each pose we learn each week

Still not sure if this for you? Yes, if...
✨You are brand new to yoga
✨You know a bit, but are still unsure of the poses and your alignment
✨ You have done a bit of yoga, but want to deepen your understanding of the poses and learn more of the verbal cues
✨ You want to know what your options are for different pose variations to suit experience and injuries
✨ You can't access a yoga studio where you live
✨ You want to be part of a growing yoga community to support you on your journey

Breathe, Flow, Be

Lyndal x

Course investment: $99  (Paid in Full)

Payment Plan option = 4 x weekly $25 payments ($100)




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