Lyndal Ellis Yoga

I am a cultivator and facilitator of true CONNECTION.
Connection for you to your Self, to the Moment, to your Purpose, to Each Other and to the Earth.
I use practices working with the breath (pranayama), the flow (asana) and just Being (meditation and energy). I focus on bringing you into the moment, to ground you and connect you to your inner stillness, the true you.  My workshops, courses and events are for those who are searching for something more, who wants a deeper connection to their practice, to their self and to their life. Every creation is to help you to connect and to evolve. Every creation works to help you to Find your Self, so that you can Know your Self, so that you can feel free to Be your Divine and Authentic Self. Because we are all already totally unique and perfect as our true authentic selves. We just need to Re-member.

So Just Breathe, Flow and Be.

Explore and enjoy beautiful.

Lyndal x


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Lyndal Ellis Yoga

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